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A Typical Day at Berry Hill


Children are welcomed into school from 8.45am

Morning Session – 8:45am – 11:45 am

Afternoon Session – 12:30pm – 3:30pm

Full Day (30hrs) – 8:45am – 3:30pm

Lunch Time for full day children 11:45am – 12:30pm

 NB – Nursery doors are open from 8:45- 8:55am

& 3:20pm -3:30pm


F2 (Reception):

Children are welcomed into school from 8.45am

Name writing / emotions / morning jotters (from Spring) 8.45am-9.00am

Register 9.00am-9.05am

Phonics/Reading 9.05am-9.50 am

Session 1 Independent Learning (inside & outside) 9.50am-10:55am

Tidy up 10:55am-11:05 

Topic Session 11.05am-11.20am

Singing and story 11.20am -11.30am

Lunch 11.30am-12.30pm

Register / Take Five breathing 12.30pm-12.45pm

Maths 12.45pm-1.00pm

Session 2 - Independent Learning (inside & outside) 1.00pm-2.20pm

Fine motor / handwriting session 2.30pm-3.00pm

Singing and story 3.00pm-3.20pm 

Home Time 3.25pm



Doors open from 8.45am

Registration 8.55am

Assembly 10.10-10.25am

Break 10.25am-10.40am

Lunch 11.45am-12.45pm

Reading for Pleasure 3.05 - 3.25pm

Home Time 3.25pm



Doors open from 8.45am

Registration 8.55am

Assembly 10.30-10.45am

Break 10.45am-11.00am

Lunch 12.45am-1.45pm

Reading for Pleasure 3.05 - 3.25pm

Home Time 3.25pm