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Parents should contact the Local Authority to find out about admission arrangements. The links below may also help. 

Our school  Admissions arrangements are found within our Admission Policy. This policy also details what parents/carers should do if they would like their child to attend our school. Included within the policy are further details about who can apply and appeals procedures. 

Nottinghamshire County Council School Admissions Hub


NCC School Admissions Arrangements 2025-2026

NCC School Admissions Arrangements 2024-2025

NCC School Admissions Arrangements 2023-2024

NCC School Admissions Arrangements 2022-2023


Nottinghamshire County Council - school admissions


Nottinghamshire County Council Coordinated Scheme For In-Year Admissions to Nottinghamshire Community & Voluntary Controlled Schools.

Changing School

New to Foundation Stage

We always welcome visits from perspective children and their families. Please contact the school office to see when our next open day might be, or when you might be able to come for a visit. 


Berry Hill maintains its own F1 admissions policy. A copy of this policy can be found below.