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Attendance Procedures

If your child is ill or unable to attend school:

Please phone the Main Reception on 01623 478477 to inform us if your child will not be attending school and to provide the reason for their absence, a message can be left on the dedicated absence line. The Main Reception is open from 8.00am until 4.00pm Monday – Thursday and 8.00am until 3.30pm on Friday. If your child is absent and the Main Reception has not received any notification. You will be contacted by phone and text message to establish the reason for their absence.  This is for safeguarding purposes.

If your child arrives late to school:

School gates will open daily at 8.42am. Registration begins at:

8.55am and children arriving after 8:55 before 9:15 am will be given an ‘L’ late mark (denoting that the child arrived before the registers closed). After 9.15am, children will be given a ‘U’ late mark (denoting that the child arrived after the registers closed) and meaning unauthorised absence. 

If your child is persistently late (marked with a 'L' code in the register) on 10 separate occasions over a period of 6 school weeks, an attendance letter will be sent from school.

If your child has 10 unauthorised late absences (marked with a ‘U’ in the register) within a 6-week period, a Penalty Notice may be issued by the Local Authority.  You will be informed of this in writing.

Authorising Term Time Absence From Learning:

Please be aware that school is only able to grant term-time leave of absence in 'exceptional' circumstances. Please see the Attendance Policy for the full wording but be aware that 'holidays being cheaper' or 'parents not being able to secure leave from work during school holidays' would not qualify as being exceptional circumstances. 

Whilst we completely agree that the price of holidays during school holidays compared to term-time is absolutely scandalous, we know what a negative effect missing a week's learning can have on a child. Consequently, requests for leave of absence will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

Preventing the Spread of Infectious Illnesses:

If your child is unwell we follow the NHS & UKHSA guidance for keeping children off school. Please see the document below which confirms when your child should be kept off school.

Please note that this document is not comprehensive and you know your child best, if they are feeling too unwell to attend school or have a high temperature please keep them off until they are well enough to return.