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School Council

At our school, the School Council plays a crucial role in promoting pupil voice and ensuring that our pupils' opinions are heard and valued. Our School Council is made up of dedicated pupil representatives from each year group, who are elected by their peers to act as ambassadors for their peers.

The School Council meets regularly with Mrs Davis during assembly time, providing a platform for pupils to express their views, share ideas, and contribute to shaping the school's environment and policies. The meetings are led by the children, with the teacher present to support and facilitate discussions.

Our School Council is actively involved in various aspects of school life, including organising events, suggesting improvements to the school facilities, and collaborating with staff to promote a positive and inclusive school community.

Over the years, the School Council has played a significant role in implementing positive changes within our school. They have helped to shape the outside space, develop OPAL and established whole-class reward systems.